About Us | Excellence in plastic products
We are a global company with over 35 years of experience in the manufacture of plastic products (sticks and injection technology).

Committed to high-quality, we offer products of unlimited applications that are strong, precise and competitive (sticks).
Our products cater to several sectors including the confectionery industry, the pharmaceutical industry and the entertainment industry, among many other specialties. Our efforts have brought us to the leading position we have today and we are now recognized as an exclusive supplier for many important companies around the world.This has allowed us to enter markets in over 13 countries in America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

US STICK DE MEXICO is consists of a group of highly-qualified, enthusiastic people that focus on carrying out each and every one of their tasks with honesty, trust, professionalism and excellence to offer our clients an outstanding customer-service experience. Each day we join efforts to achieve clear goals that exceed the expectations of our clients and contribute to our success and overall achievements. Thanks to our high-quality standards, great customer service and prompt reply, we offer our clients transparency, effectiveness and team work to promote the development of our companies.

To make plastic products (sticks and injection technology) of high quality and to satisfy the needs of our clients, exceeding their expectations with our products and services.To benefit our society with solid job offers that abide by the established norms, acting responsibly with each of our clients, providers, associates and collaborators, thus expanding to the global market.
To be a global company with a leading role in the manufacture of plastic products, working as an efficient, socially-responsible and well-organized corporation to attain productivity growth. To offer high-quality products and strive for continuous improvement and updating, thus achieving personal and professional growth in each of the members of the US STICK MEXICO team.
In US STICK DE MEXICO work with the following values:
Honesty, responsibility, discipline, perseverance, self-criticism and, above all, humility to insure growth in each of the members of our organization.
As a company we are ruled by the following principles:
  1. To take care of our clients, consumers and the world we live in.
  2. To only sell products we can be proud of.
  3. To communicate with honesty and frankness.
  4. To respect and collaborate with our employees, consumers, clients, providers and external advisers to reach our goals.